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Cool Stuff We've Packed And Shipped

All over the World


We'd love to add yours to this growing list!


*Collection of Sea Urchin Shells ( Very fragile) shipping to a Bermuda hotel

*Taxidermy large fish

*Model ships

*Custom wedding dress for an Indian wedding

Hundreds of Chinese artifacts won in auction

*Fancy dancy lab microscope

*Broken gazebo in a zillion pieces returning to the seller

*Optics and Protype for Self-Driving Car weighing 900 pounds

*400 1b, 10,000 dollar treadmill won at an auction

*Several pieces of art relocating from flooded NJ home to Florida home

*11 foot long solid oak Church Pew

* Coach Brand XXL Leather Snoopy weighing 90 pounds!

*80 roll of copper tubing to Mexico

*Personal belongings for people who fled the USA because of Covid and left their stuff behind

* Over 1000 colorful and very fragile Indian Paper Mache' Dolls

*  A 100-year old Hope Chest with a wedding dress inside

*  An antique grandfather clock inherited

*  A gigundo oil painting commissioned by a business in Texas for their lobby

*  A hornet's nest, minus the hornets

*  Mounted shark jaws with the teeth intact (ouch!)

*  Wizard of Oz collectibles sold by an ebayer for hundreds of dollars

*  1000 pound oven from a NJ auction to a new restaurant in Alaska (That one took over our entire store for awhile!)

*  138 collection of Fine China, packed one piece at a time

*  6-feet tall speakers, weighing 200 pounds each, shipped to Canada

*  50 pounds of tomatoes

*  Furniture purchased on ebay or inherited - yes we once sent an entire dining room table set across the country to a new home

*  Empty funeral urns (haven't shipped a full one yet)

*  Wardrobes full of clothing for Florida snowbirds

*  Keyboard synthesizer and computer to Italy for a professional musician

*  Bicycles, golf clubs, snowboards, skiis - all kinds of sports equipment

*  A priceless collection of Vinyl Long Playing Records

*  Samples of italian olive oil to Italy

*  A supermarket scanner, an engraving machine, and all kinds of electronics!

* Lab equipment for a Rutgers professor

*  Exercise equipment

* Car parts for collectors

*  1000 pounds of books for someone relocating who can't part with his books!

*  Musical instruments of all kinds for personal use, and sold

*  Solar lights and blankets for families devastated by weather disaster in the Philipines

*  Original framed art worth thousands of dollars

*  1800's Civil War Rifle ( we made sure there weren't any bullets in it)

*  Fresh bagels from the LA Bagel next door to us for a customer relocating who can't bear to miss those bagels

*  A carton of mother's milk on dry ice to a friend in need. (Who knew you can ship this???)

*  Pharmeceuticals of all kinds, all over the world

*  Boiler heat exchangers weighing 238 pounds each ( that was a fun job!)

*  Busted water heaters, washing machines, dishwashers, and more - yes, who knew these things ship out?

*  An art sculpture worth over 100K shipped to the other side of the world to a collector

*  A chandelier with a gazillion crystals

*  Model ships

*  Don quiote Lladro collection - you can't imagine how delicate they are. Very tricky to pack!

*  A paper butterfly collection portfolio to apply for art school

*  Antique generator

*  Samarai swords

*  A Gigantic blow up boat going to Croatia

*  Lawn furniture

*  Boat motor and paraphrenalia for a customer who lives on his boat all year

*  6-foot tall statue going to India to be turned into a wood carving

* Porcelean toilet

*Dentist office lobby furniture

* Adult Tricycle weighing 300 pounds

*Nothing beats Papa's homemade tomato sauce in jars, shipped on dry ice



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